Sundry matters -- chill, .NET problems

Not much in my update today, since I'm still chilling after my exam period. But I wanted to talk about something I've been thinking about.

For some time now, i.e. since I started working professionally with .NET, I've had this nagging feeling that there is something wrong with it. Certainly, .NET is a good framework -- or at least not too bad, otherwise it wouldn't be as widely-used as it is.

Off the top of my head, below are two of my personal issues with .NET:

It has too many options, which can of course be seen as a strength. To me though, it feels like the framework suffers from featuritis, which I understand is even worse in the case of Java. This is the strength of frameworks like Rails and Django which, while they may not be as flexible, simplify development a whole lot due to being "opinionated" frameworks with one recommended workflow.

Second, the .NET developer community largely feels resistant to considering things outside Microsoft's suggested "best-practices". I realise this contradicts my point above so I shall elaborate. (1) Microsoft suggests certain best-practices from the perspective of being a software company with fairly large development projects. Clearly, this isn't the case for every developer out there, and each project needs to be given some individual consideration. (2) The .NET best practices do not seem to stem from the basis of simplifying development, at least from the way I see it. (3) Following recommendations might be all well and good, if it is the case that one is able to defend them. I have not met anybody who can make a convincing argument that Microsoft's best practices are always, or even usually, the best, but yet there are those who would follow them for every scenario.

I understand these opinions come from my admittedly limited experience and knowledge of .NET, so perhaps I should do more reading on it when I do get the time.
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