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Writing for intranets vs for the public

Where I used to work I wrote and maintained intranet websites used by the company's staff.

Having left for some time and just dipping my toes into coding for the public web, there is a distinctively different feeling which I am getting compared to coding for an intranet.

I have listed some reasons below for the difference. Note that these are from personal experience and may or may not apply generally.

On a public site:
- there is a potentially huge audience, site needs to be able to take heavy load
- consideration needs to be given for different browsers
- the threat of attacks like XSS is ever-present
- for non-business sites at least, data is less critical

On an intranet site:
- most company intranets (I would expect) have a fairly small audience
- IT could specify the use of one kind of web browser
- the threat of attack feels less real since there is a sense that staff are less likely to sabotage their employer
- many applications written for companies serve some business function or other so data is quite critical

Granted, these are important things to consider for any website but I think one should be able to appreciate that the priorities of the two are quite different: public sites requiring more attention on performance and security, and intranet sites requiring more on data protection (backups and also database security).

Personally I think it is nice to have some experience in both contexts specifically because it gives a greater appreciation of each of these.
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CSS3 Transitions Demo

When creating this site I chanced upon CSS3 transitions. Being that I found their effect quite nice, I read up more on them and I created a demo on how to use them.
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Blog posts now come with nicely formatted permalinks for bookmarking and such.

Incidentally, Apache's rewrite engine really is quite nice to use and easier than I had expected.
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Welcome to qponstuff.com

Welcome to my new site on web development, programming, and other stuff. Take a seat, look around, check out my About page.

This site is pretty empty at the moment but I'm hoping to fill it up in due time.

On the immediate to-do list are:

- Allowing comments on blog posts and viewing of individual posts.

- Writing up a more robust BBCode parser for the site. Currently I'm using the (fairly) crude method from UltraMega Blog.

I had left these out to get this site up as soon as possible.

Check back soon for more updates. :D
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